PT. Aerolla Xenon Trindo

PT. Aerolla Xenon Trindo

PT. Aerolla Xenon Trindo get Approval from the Authority of Directorate General of Air Communications, through Sub Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Department of Transportation Republic Indonesia with the authentic certificate of DGCA No: 145D/1001, date 3 October 2019 as Approved Maintenance Organization and Term Approval from Ministry of Defence of The Republic of Indonesia Worthiness Center no: IMAA COA : MRS 004-2019.

AXTRINDO is established with a mission to support Air Operators in focusing their main business which is the Aircraft operation it self, and helping them to gain a maximal profit by reducing their MRO expenses.

Air operators are expending 60% to 70% out of their yearly expenditure for MRO activities. To be the most efficient and excellent partner in Aviation Industries as vision, We are committed to the customers to provide the best quality services at the most efficient cost and time.

To support our customer, we had built a network with various manufacturers and a join venture with a well established international shops. With this strategy we can commit to our customer for high standard quality of products and services.

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